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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Air duct and windshield washer

I never had time to finish the air ducts for the ventilation last year, so I used the car without them. That caused the problem that the air from the ventilation system always was warm, added with a smell of warm engine....

This had to be fixed before this years season. To buy the air ducts new was out of the question!


This is how last years work ended.


Welded and grinded.


Almost ready for paint. Maybe tomorrow?

And then I had to install the windshield washer. First I had to make a mounting bracket. I had the VDO bag and a foot pump.


The bracket to the upper left.


Installed. Works great.



A close up of my rebuild brake booster.


I think the engine compartment starts to look ok. The only thing missing are the air ducts for the ventilation. Will be finished very soon…..

The next picture shows the same engine, brake booster and many other parts,installed in the donor car.



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