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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Restoration is officially completed!

Today I mounted the air ducts to the car, and connected it to the fan/heater assembly with the large rubber tube. This was the last parts missing on the car. So I now declare the restoration completed!!

I am not so stupid that I don’t think there will be more work on the car, but from now on I will call it maintenance and upgrades.

This has been an challenging process, and I have learned a lot! I have also learned that for me one complete Mercedes Benz restoration is enough in a lifetime…. Now I look forward to keep the car in perfect condition, and to run with it at appropriate times.

As soon as the weather becomes better (no rain and snow…) I will take the car out of the garage for a photoshoot.

But I do have some photos of the air ducts mounted on the car.




Happy easter everyone!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Air duct and windshield washer

I never had time to finish the air ducts for the ventilation last year, so I used the car without them. That caused the problem that the air from the ventilation system always was warm, added with a smell of warm engine....

This had to be fixed before this years season. To buy the air ducts new was out of the question!


This is how last years work ended.


Welded and grinded.


Almost ready for paint. Maybe tomorrow?

And then I had to install the windshield washer. First I had to make a mounting bracket. I had the VDO bag and a foot pump.


The bracket to the upper left.


Installed. Works great.



A close up of my rebuild brake booster.


I think the engine compartment starts to look ok. The only thing missing are the air ducts for the ventilation. Will be finished very soon…..

The next picture shows the same engine, brake booster and many other parts,installed in the donor car.


Thursday, March 11, 2010


The brakes works great!! Actually I am surprised of the effect from a correct working booster. Many modern cars don't match this.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brake booster part III

Today I finished the reassembly. I am very proud of the result. If it works I will be even more proud!!

Electroplated parts



The power piston is mounted. It has been dipped in alcohol for a couple of days, (what a waste….) for cleaning. I used white grease with teflon to lubricate it before installing in the vacum cylinder.


And the vacum cylinder and fittings are in place.


And the characteristic blue slave cylinder mounted.




It is now mounted in the car, but I still have to bleed the brake lines. I need a helping hand, or foot, for that job..

I really hope I put it together right!!

This has been really fun work, but it needs a lot of precision and patience. I love the design of the booster!! Almost like a sculpture.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Brake booster part II


First of all. The starter is back in place and works perfect.

Today I started to reassembly the booster. I got the front plate back from glass beading yesterday, so I could reassembly the parts mounted on the front plate. Air cleaner, valve cover, diaphragm and the sealings for the power piston axle. I am still waiting for some parts I sendt for electroplating. Right now the slave cylinder is being primed, and will get a layer or two of blue paint later today. Multona #0800. I found this information on this restoration page. A page I will recommend for enthusiasts. Great work!




Painted in ATE blue. Nice!