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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Finally I managed to mount the front turning signal. I have tried and tried, and tried again. Today I succeeded. The problem was to get the rubber gasket around the chromeplate. It seemed to be two numbers to small. My dealer told me it should be possible, and he had did this many times. You just need a lot of time and patience he said..... Not the best combination. Me and patience......

This is the gasket. Why didn't they make it a bit wider? I guess there is a reason.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doors part II

All chrome in place. The windshield will be mounted after the headliner. And the headliner soon arrives at a post office near me.
One piece of wood mounted. These doorpanels are not "original style" but they have to do the job a year or two.
Doors completed with sidewindow and ventilation window.
The reardoor.
Ventilation window. New sealers around the side window. Not the easiest part to adjust and glue in place. But I am satisfied with the result.
New sound dampening in all four doors. At least as good as the original. I will put in a lot of sound dampening material. The only sound I want to hear, is the sound from the inline six, and from the exhaustpipe. (and my self smiling)
New sealings around the doors. Glued in place. Very nice fit. Original from Mercedes Benz. (of course...)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still going strong

I just want you to know, that I work on the car every day, even if there are no updates. I am working on the doors. The reardoors are almost ready, and it is going forward with the frontdoors as well. It takes time to fix up every part, and get it in place nice. Chrome needs to be cleaned, polished and the mounts needs to be repaired. The same with the window mechanism. Yesterday the doorsealinglists arrived. My schedule is to be finished with the doors in January. It is realistic I think. I also received the headliner yesterday, but I think it is for a 180 or 190. Way to short....

I also think it is realistic to complete the car within May 17. (this year....) The national day of Norway.

And then it is time for the ride I have promised my wife for 9 years. To Frognerseteren in Oslo to have "Eplekake med krem" (applecake with cream?)

Time will show. There will be picture updates when there is something to publish.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Doors. part I

The flashlight on the camera makes the paint and chrome look awful. After a clean up and a serious polish, I guess Silkesvarten shines like it should again. Actually I am SURE it will shine!

We have had a very cold weather the last weeks, so the working temperature in the garage is low. I had to spray the inside of the doors with rustprotection, so the heater has been running inside the car.

The chrometrimming is in place, and so is the little window. On both sides. I have also mounted the door handle. With new rubber.

This screw is a pain in the ass....... And there is one at both sides. Argh!!! This picture, and the pictures below are from the donor door....... There should not be any rust left on Silkesvarten.

I need the chrometrimming! They need loving care to come loose in good health...

These doors are from the donor car. They have a lot of good parts. I have new doorpanels, so I am not going to use these. I have not yet started with the woodframes on the doors.