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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doors part II

All chrome in place. The windshield will be mounted after the headliner. And the headliner soon arrives at a post office near me.
One piece of wood mounted. These doorpanels are not "original style" but they have to do the job a year or two.
Doors completed with sidewindow and ventilation window.
The reardoor.
Ventilation window. New sealers around the side window. Not the easiest part to adjust and glue in place. But I am satisfied with the result.
New sound dampening in all four doors. At least as good as the original. I will put in a lot of sound dampening material. The only sound I want to hear, is the sound from the inline six, and from the exhaustpipe. (and my self smiling)
New sealings around the doors. Glued in place. Very nice fit. Original from Mercedes Benz. (of course...)


efeiring said...

Det begynner og ligne noe nå....


Dag said...

Ligne en Mercedes kanskje?
Og når vi har gjort unna en økt på mandag, tenker jeg mye har kommet på plass. Jeg har en plan.....