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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Doors. part I

The flashlight on the camera makes the paint and chrome look awful. After a clean up and a serious polish, I guess Silkesvarten shines like it should again. Actually I am SURE it will shine!

We have had a very cold weather the last weeks, so the working temperature in the garage is low. I had to spray the inside of the doors with rustprotection, so the heater has been running inside the car.

The chrometrimming is in place, and so is the little window. On both sides. I have also mounted the door handle. With new rubber.

This screw is a pain in the ass....... And there is one at both sides. Argh!!! This picture, and the pictures below are from the donor door....... There should not be any rust left on Silkesvarten.

I need the chrometrimming! They need loving care to come loose in good health...

These doors are from the donor car. They have a lot of good parts. I have new doorpanels, so I am not going to use these. I have not yet started with the woodframes on the doors.

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