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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still going strong

I just want you to know, that I work on the car every day, even if there are no updates. I am working on the doors. The reardoors are almost ready, and it is going forward with the frontdoors as well. It takes time to fix up every part, and get it in place nice. Chrome needs to be cleaned, polished and the mounts needs to be repaired. The same with the window mechanism. Yesterday the doorsealinglists arrived. My schedule is to be finished with the doors in January. It is realistic I think. I also received the headliner yesterday, but I think it is for a 180 or 190. Way to short....

I also think it is realistic to complete the car within May 17. (this year....) The national day of Norway.

And then it is time for the ride I have promised my wife for 9 years. To Frognerseteren in Oslo to have "Eplekake med krem" (applecake with cream?)

Time will show. There will be picture updates when there is something to publish.

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