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Friday, February 27, 2009

Some videos and pictures

And some pictures of Silkesvarten in the norwegian winter.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spark plugs and cables

A serious clean, some paint and new cables is what there is needed. I have also replaced the rotor and the distributor cap. And of course the spark plugs. Whow, it ran nice when I started up the engine yesterday!! No engine runs as smooth as a well balanced inline six. I had to take a drive in the neighborhood just to get the good feeling again. A feeling that is difficult to explain with words. My smile stopped close to my ears.

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Gutta boys."

My good helpers and myself. Arne, Egil and Dag. Look at the smiles! (we are not the German skijumping team, even if it looks like it.....)

After installing the windows, we started on the seats. The work will continue another day. Look for updates.

Windshield installation

A great happening today. We installed both front and rear window without any difficulties. This article was very helpful, and some friends with experience gave me a lot of advices. Silkesvarten is now sealed, and look forward to a real wash. The only problem is that it is winter....

A 2,5 m2 electrical wire is fitted.
Done with new rubbersealing.
Inserting the chrome. (I was alloved to do this in the livingroom.)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Panels in the fire wall and leg area

Mercedes used cardboard for the panels under the dashboard, at the sidepanels in front of the doors and in the enginecompartment. There was not very much left of these panels so I had to make new ones. The panels were grey with a structure like skin. I bought a plate 3 mm thick designed for the roof in houses. Waterproof. I also bought grey syntetic skin. Then I had to reconstruct the shape of the panels using the old as a model. On the back I glued in place sound dampening material.

Under the dashboard
Sidepanel right side.
Can you guess which one is new and which one is old? Not?? Give me a break!!

I have not finished the parts in the engine compartment. I think I need to remove the hood to get access.

My working bench...

Probably it is a bad idea to show you this mess, but it shows the work on the heaters. The flaps were stuck so I had to take the heaters apart to fix the problem. There is a lot of work left on these parts. The heaterboxes are covered with fiberglass, but the finish is really BAD. I am not sure what to do yet. One idea is to send them to my brother and say: "Fix this", but I think he is busy with his own project..... (Tor, can you hear me?)

The work will continue.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Headliner installation

I bought the headliner from K.O Habostad auto interiør Stranda, Norway. The fabric is original quality. The fit was perfect and I am very satisfied with this dealer. The best service you can ask for. And the price was good.

This article gave me a lot of tips for the installation. I also got a lot of tips from Habostad. The installation was straight forward, but I took it slow. Clean hands is rule #1. The most difficult part was to get the headliner behind the fixing rails, and then the rubbertube. Some places I did not manage to get the rubber tube in place. In front and rear the headliner is glued in place.

Rear area.

I decided to "lock" the rear bow in place at the rear dome lamp area. This to prevent vibrations and to be sure that the bow will keep in place. I used this clamp and drilled a hole in the plate around the rear dome light, and bolted it in place. I am not sure if this is necessary, but I feel more confident with this patent. What a bad photo.....
Headliner is hanging loose.
Insulation in the roof.

Windlass and fixingrails

Before installing the headliner, the windlass must be mounted. I decided to order new windlass, because what I had was not original and it was not in the best shape. It is not very easy to replace this after the headliner is in place. So I ordered new ones from Habostad auto interiør. The same company I bougt the headliner from. Excellent quality. The windlass is held in place with the fixing rails, that also needed a makeover. They were very rusted so I sandblasted, primed and painted them. It took us one evening to install it on the car. It is important that it is mounted straight and in line with the dooropenings.

Windlass and fixingrails in place:
Windlass and fixingrails:

Adjusting bodypanels

Car restoration is not my profession and I never have done this before, things sometimes are done in the wrong order. As I have wrote earlier I have troubled with adjusting doors to flush with each others, and at the same time with the fenders. And the fenders should be aligned with the hood and trunk. And the hood and the trunk with the body.... After mounting the rubber gasket on all four doors and the luggage compartment, I again started to adjust. I had to loosen the rearfenders, and the panels under the doors. After a couple of hours thinking, looking and adjusting everything was surprisingly correct!! If there should be a next time, I now know where to start..... The sound of a well adjusted Mercedes Benz door is the sound of quality. And with even gaps between the panels, the car looks like it should.

Now I have started to replace the screws, nuts and washers with primed and blackpainted new ones. Also at the door hinges. Important details.

So far this has been the hardest part to get right.