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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Adjusting bodypanels

Car restoration is not my profession and I never have done this before, things sometimes are done in the wrong order. As I have wrote earlier I have troubled with adjusting doors to flush with each others, and at the same time with the fenders. And the fenders should be aligned with the hood and trunk. And the hood and the trunk with the body.... After mounting the rubber gasket on all four doors and the luggage compartment, I again started to adjust. I had to loosen the rearfenders, and the panels under the doors. After a couple of hours thinking, looking and adjusting everything was surprisingly correct!! If there should be a next time, I now know where to start..... The sound of a well adjusted Mercedes Benz door is the sound of quality. And with even gaps between the panels, the car looks like it should.

Now I have started to replace the screws, nuts and washers with primed and blackpainted new ones. Also at the door hinges. Important details.

So far this has been the hardest part to get right.

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