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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Headliner installation

I bought the headliner from K.O Habostad auto interiør Stranda, Norway. The fabric is original quality. The fit was perfect and I am very satisfied with this dealer. The best service you can ask for. And the price was good.

This article gave me a lot of tips for the installation. I also got a lot of tips from Habostad. The installation was straight forward, but I took it slow. Clean hands is rule #1. The most difficult part was to get the headliner behind the fixing rails, and then the rubbertube. Some places I did not manage to get the rubber tube in place. In front and rear the headliner is glued in place.

Rear area.

I decided to "lock" the rear bow in place at the rear dome lamp area. This to prevent vibrations and to be sure that the bow will keep in place. I used this clamp and drilled a hole in the plate around the rear dome light, and bolted it in place. I am not sure if this is necessary, but I feel more confident with this patent. What a bad photo.....
Headliner is hanging loose.
Insulation in the roof.

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