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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yesterday we manage to mount the doors. Hopefully permanently, but I am afraid I have to take them off for mounting rubber around the doors. (what's the english word??)

This was a difficult job, where we needed a lot of patience and care. And the engineers at Mercedes didn't give us much space. I think the clearance between the panels are supposed to be 5 millimeter. I am close to that all over, but some places it is more, and some places less. The right front door was most difficult, becauce the doorpost is replaced with a new. This is probably 2 millimeter out of position, and that is too much. Some "adjustment" with the grinder at the hinges, and some shims made it fit. There are also some adjustments left at the rear fenders.

I learned that it is a bad idea to tighten the bolts at the fenders before the doors are mounted. This should be done in one operation so it is possible to adjust easily.

I also continued the work with the exhaust system. The cone asbestosbushing between the manifold and pipe costed a "fortune" at the Mercedes dealer. By looking thru the racks at a sparepart dealer, I found out that Mazda 323 is fitted with the same dimension...... (it is almost impossible to see this part...I promise!!)

The car starts to look nice! Agree??

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