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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hood and front fenders

My good friend and helper and I, have done a great job today. I was told it was a good idea to start with the hood because it was easier to "adjust" the innerfenders after the edge of the hood. So we did. We had to testmount the fenders a couple of times to make it fit right. A kind of difficult work I think. And we made a few scratches...... Arrgh. Then we rustprotected the fenders, and had a chokolate and Coca Cola. When the rustprotection were almost dry, (we are very effective some times.....) we mounted them permanently. We used butylband before mounting. And this special plastic band. Even the frontplate we manage to mount today. A very good job think. It is a good feeling to see the shapes of the car is coming true.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I`m impressed with your work! Soon the car will be ready for Flåklypa Grand prix!!Keep up the good work guys!Regards from Harald

Dag said...

Thank you Harald.

I'am not sure it is going to be this year. But in 2009 it should be possible. Today I have troubled with the right side front door. I troubled so much that I went home for a beer.....


Tor Rabe said...

There will be better days...;-)

And a nice update of the first photo on this post