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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A happy day

Today I was able to start the car, with the new engine installed. It ran really smooth, and after a while it also ran at idle speed. You should have seen my smile! The clutch seemed ok, but I could not find 1. and 3. gear. And not revers. Not that I know where to find it.... I have never been driving a ponton.

If anyone have a good tip about adjusting gearshift on these cars, please let me know.

Today I also was able to test the brake booster. The brake pedal went out when I started the engine. Is that correct? Opposite of what I am used to.


Anonymous said...

Jeg har dårlig med tips når det gjelder geara, men når det gjelder bilder med dykkemaske, så er jeg rasende skuffet over at du fjernet det fra siden din. Det gjorde ting med meg som jeg helst ikke vil ha ut på trykk...

Dag said...

Ok, OSH. Nå er dykkermaska tilbake. Fornøyd?