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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The first drive, ever!!

Yesterday I drove the car for the first time! And this was also the first time I drove a Ponton ever. It is difficult for me to explain in English how I feldt, because this is not my mothers tongue, but in norwegian I would say: Fy f..... for en herlig følelse!! (sorry dad...) What a feeling! The nice view through the windshield (eh. Where it should have been) and the quick trottle responce. The curves on the hood is beautiful from behind the steering wheel. The gear shift worked almost perfect. It is just a little difficult to not hit reverse when I want 1. gear. Maybe I just need some practice? This was a nice experience after nine years with blood, swet and tears. Literally! And yesterdag I also became a member of IPOG. International Ponton Owner Group. I look forward to get familiar with that group.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Finally! After all that work!It must have been great! I look forward to take a ride with you in the passengerseat. Keep up the good work Dag! Regards from Harald

Dag said...

Thanks Harald!

Who do think finish the car first? 2 years ago I would put money in you, but now I am not so sure.... You have to speed up. Just don't let Ruth know what you spending your savings on.