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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I wrote earlier that I had problems with the gear shift. I didn't find reverse, 1. and 2. Suddenly the stick got stuck so I could not move it at all. I found out that there was no way around to take the transmission out. It was not very difficult, but not very little space and clearance. I didn't find the problem on that transmission, so I decided to put in the other transmission I had. It seemd ok.

Today I manage to do the work finished. I also rinsed the starter when it was already out. We used a LOT of time trying to adjust the rods to the transmission. And before that we used a LOT of time trying to find out how this works. I have to get some information about how this should be adjusted.

I was very exited to test the gearshift. And it worked ok!! 2. gear is difficult, and reverse and 1. gear is very close to each other. I think this is just an adjustment job. Comments wanted.

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