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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Heaterboxes part eight-thirteen

In the morning today I finished project heaterboxes. Both boxes are in place and the flaps inside operates as intended. My brother did an exellent job with the repair, and I just had to do the finish. The flaps for floor/window regulation had to be a little modified to move free. After days of thinking and testing I found out how to connect the correkt wire to the correct flap.. (Without cutting a big hole in the innerfender.)

Here is the result of the heaterbox repair:

Water hoses and wires in place:

Right side. As you can see there is not much room between the box and the body.
Left side. The fan is not in place yet. Maybe today. After som gardening...


Tor Rabe said...

Excellent work, and yes - it looks really tight! I wonder how the connection between heater box floor outlet and body fitted? I had a feeling that the metal frame was not exactly the correct angle although I did my very best to get it what seemed to be right from the particles left of the old cardboard....

Dag said...

No problem Tor. There is no need for millimeter precision on this. In front of the fans there are a large rubber tube that connects with the fresh air intake. So a degree or two out of position will not make any problems. I am not able to see if there are any differences between left and right side.