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Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a beautiful day!

First of all. Happy birthday to all norwegians!! And to the foreigners: Today we celebrated our national day. The 17th. of may is always a great day for all of us, but this year it was very special for me. I have been looking forward to this for many years, and worked hard the last years to finish the car. To drive around in a classic Mercedes at this day is very satisfying. People are dressed up, everybody is happy and the city is decorated with the norwegian flag and flowers. The car behaved as it should, with no technical problems. I am so pleased!!
These pictures are taken at our local marina. It is going to be a busy summer. Drive the Mercedes, or go with the boat? Is that what they call a luxury problem?

A beautiful rear end.
Lunch in the garden.
Proud owner and his wife.

"Drilltroppen" in front of the parade.

A lot of people in the city. No beer for me today, but that is ok!

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