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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The observe reader may think "where are the heaterboxes?" Now I am at part twelve, and not finished..... They have to get in place. Mercedes guys: Why did you make it so damn uncomfortable narrow?

Ok, when we are waiting for part thirteen, mounting the heaterboxes, we can look at some pictures.


Tor Rabe said...

She really looks great even without the heater boxes, Dag. What a giant metamorphosis!

Dag said...

Thank you Tor. And now I have borrowed the workshop manual to see how the germans want me to mount them.

Is "metamorphosis" a good thing? ;)

efeiring said...


Dag said...

Hæ??? Egil, there will be a update soon. Relax.... Today I have started mounting of the left side heaterbox. Maybe I will finish one day. Right now I found out which wire that should go to the different flaps. A big breakthrough. Lets see in the morning tomorrow......