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Monday, February 1, 2010

Time for brake booster rebuild

In June I discovered a leak in the brake booster. White smoke came out of the exhaust. After some googling I came in contact with Will Samples who runs S&S Imports. He is an real expert on these ATE T-50 brake boosters. I decided to remove the vacum hose, and run the rest of the season without the booster. I just had to push a little harder on the brake pedal.

I ordered a rebuild kit from Will, and have now started the work. It is a lot of parts in this can, and a lot messy old brake fluid..




And here are the parts, hardly worth $240…… :-)


This will keep me busy for a period!

I will strongly recommend Will Samples for other who needs to do this job. He can also do the job with factory precision and finish.

S&S Imports

And a gallery of rebuilding different types of boosters

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