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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finally applecake!

Ten years ago, when I started the restoration of Silkesvarten, I promised my wife to take her to Frognerseteren in Oslo for applecake with cream when the car was finished. Now I have kept my word. Last saturday we took the 200 km drive to this famous restaurant in Oslo, next to the even more famous Holmenkollen ski jump.

Whow, this was good!!

My wife is waiting to be served....

This is the view from Frognerseteren. Oslo is below us, and we can see Oslofjorden all the way to Drøbak.

We had a really nice travel without any problems. A total of 400 km this day. I missed seatbelts. Maybe I will try to install belts this winter.

The famous (at least in Norway) Frognerseteren, Holmenkollen Oslo. A great place to visit with a classic Mercedes Benz.

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