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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Since last time I have been working on sunshades, cardboard panels at the firewall in engine compartment, rearview mirror mount, carpet adjustment and the fresh air intake pipes. The metal parts in front. The heater boxes are sent to my brother for repair. I guess we can follow the prosess in his blog later.

Unfortunatly I have been too busy to take photos of everything, but I will try to post some another day.

Yesterday I also drove the car out for a nice warm shampoo wash. I think the car enjoyed it...

I have to remember to order license plates. It is soon time for a ride!


Anonymous said...

Soon it`s no more work to do on this car. Then you can start with some beatywork on a couple of real good cars from Sweeden!:-)Regards Harald

Dag said...

I don't think there are any good cars from Sweden Harald.... :)

efeiring said...

No good cars from Sweden??????????????????

efeiring said...

Dag`s next project.